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     Little Arlo's world is shattered when
he learns all the stuff he had imagined growing on the new family farm is nowhere to be found.  Through frustration, disappointment, love and understanding, what begins as the worst day of Arlo's life, evolves into the best day of his life!

      Complete with a clear beginning, climactic middle and spectacular ending, this book is sure to generate a lot of discussion in a classroom or library setting, and will create a lasting memory between adults and children in the comfort of their own homes.
  What People are Saying About This Book

     The simple magic that love can create!

"This simple, beautiful story of how a child's imagination can inspire a parent to fulfill those dreams (and make it seem like magic) is simply wonderful! This is how family is meant to be - especially in times of change and adaptation. I absolutely love it - for kids AND parents!"

                         Karen De La Fuenta

    This book has absolutely nothing
to do with gardening, but rather cultivating love, family ties, faith
and courage. It's about life's way of surprising us when we've lost hope.
    I am the author.  This story was inspired by real life events. I saw it all happen with my own eyes, but I tell it through "his."  Of course we all know
his version couldn't possibly really happen . . . could it?

                Welcome to 
          Where Stuff Grows --
       including the story itself.
TLF Reading on floor.jpg
I love this story and surprise ending.
A major life change, through a child's eyes.
"I knew this would be the perfect story for my grandchildren. They love anything to do with farms and "making things grow". But they are in for a surprise when they find out what Arlo thinks grows on a farm. Sometimes parents need a little reminder, that in this chaotic world, we can help imaginations and dreams come true.
The beautiful illustrations are a compliment to little Arlo's journey, and I think every child remembers their first pair of boots! My grand daughters love for me to read to them and I can't wait to share this adventure with them.
Michelle M Clark
TLF reading_edited.jpg
THIS LITTLE FARM  Where Stuff Grows   Jayne Cleveland - author -
"Big sister read the book today. She said she really liked it, especially the way it ended and that the illustrator was amazingly talented!"
Illustrated by Yury Borgen
Originally from Costa Rica, Yury Borgen currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal, and has a degree in Architecture.  She caught her kindergarten teacher's attention when she drew a chair in perspective, as opposed to the three line side view of young children. Yury has experience with water color and oil painting, as well as charcoal, graphite and acrylic drawing. Yury has illustrated several children's books.
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